February 10, 2021 3 min read

Dressing Your Bed in Three Easy Steps

When it comes to completing your bedroom you need to pay special attention to dressing your bed. Indeed, your bed often takes centre stage and therefore you need to make sure you nail it. Dressing your bed should be the icing on the cake and should set the whole room off. Get it wrong and your all your hard work could go to waste. Furthermore, dressing your bed could change the whole look of your bedroom. Therefore it could be a cost effective way to ring the changes if you feel your snug could do with a bit of an update. Here are our top tips at Beds on Legs for dressing your bed like it belongs in glossy interiors magazine.

dressing your  bed

Get The Bedding Right

Without a doubt your bedding can have a massive impact on your bedroom vibe. Without a doubt all white is one of the most reliable colours that you can pick. It's super neutral, looks good with everything and there's a good reason why hotels nearly always use white bedding. Indeed, there is a lot of belief that white bedding is calming and can help whip you off to snooze land in no time. Crisp white bedding can also add a feeling of luxury to a bedroom. However, the key to white bedding is ensuring that it's looked after properly. This means washing it regularly, attending to stains immediately and replacing it when it starts to look a bit sorry for itself.

dressing your bed

Indeed white bedding is not the only option out there. Bedding is available in all colours of the rainbow and then some. The main thing with choosing coloured bedding is that you must ensure it compliments other colours of the bedroom. You may have fallen in love with a trendy zingy duvet cover but if it clashes with the rest of the room then it won't create a feeling of harmony.

The other thing to consider when buying your bedding is whether you should stick to plain or go for a pattern. Again what you pick should be determined by the rest of the room. If you have wallpaper then it is probably best to stick to plain bedding. However, if your walls are plain then patterned bedding can add texture and pizazz to your bedroom.

A final note on dressing your bed in regards to bedding. Whilst we all know that ironing can be a tedious chore, when it comes to bedding it can make a real difference. Crumpled sheets can really spoil the look of the bedding. We're sorry to the bearer of bad news! However, when you snuggle under your duvet at night you will appreciate the extra effort that you made. Nothing quite beats the feeling of cosying up under freshly laundered bedding.

Add A Throw

When dressing your bed you may want to consider placing a throw at the end of the bed. If you opt for white bedding then this can be a great way of introducing colour and tying the bed into the rest of the room. Furthermore, a throw can help to add texture to the bedroom. Indeed throws come in numerous materials. For luxury you could add a velvet throw or for those who prefer a more organic look you could add a chunk wool throw. Throws are also a great way of getting another layer for those chilly winter nights.

dressing your bed

Get Scattering With Cushions

Another perfect way of adding colour and texture to a bedroom is by using scatter cushions. How many scatter cushions you use is really down to your taste and bedroom style. Again you need to make sure the colours you use compliment the rest of your bedroom scheme. Scatter cushions are also a great way of adding some contrast to your colour scheme. If you're unsure about which colours compliment each other then you might want to investigate the colour wheel. You can read about the colour wheel here.

dressing your bed