February 10, 2021 3 min read

Create A Glam Bedroom

If you're looking to add some sparkle to your home then you may be thinking of creating a glam bedroom. Without a doubt, modern day living can you leave you feeling frazzled and burnt out. A glam bedroom can be the perfect antidote to the strains of every day life. We can't think of a better place for your own self care than in your own little sanctuary. What's more, opting for a glam bedroom means you can be adventurous with your style and design. For more bedroom inspiration you can visit our Pinterest page here

Glam bedroom

Choosing A Bed For A Glam Bedroom

When choosing a bed for a glamorous bedroom then you really need to take a peek at our fabric bed collection. These beds are really on trend right now and it's easy to see why. With seemingly endless options, you're bound to find a bed that's perfect for your style and personality. From plush velvet navy to vibrant ochre, our fabric beds are available in nearly every colour of the rainbow. Furthermore, because fabric beds are tactile they help to introduce warmth and texture into the bedroom. Another big win if you're trying to create a glamorous bedroom.

Glam Bedroom

Consider Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a fantastic way of adding glamour to a bedroom. This is because it's a great way of adding texture, pattern and colour to a bedroom. What's more, the choices on the market are endless. For a paired back look then opt for papering just one feature wall. This should preferably be the wall that the bed is against.

Glam Bedroom

Choose Exquisite Bedding

So you've got the perfect bed and now you have to think about how you're going to dress it. When it comes to bedding we advise trying to get the best you can afford. Good quality bedding not only stands the test of time, but it feels great against your skin as well. Remember, a glam bedroom should appeal to all your senses! As regards colours, then that is entirely personal. However, if you can't decide, you can't go wrong with crisp white bedding. Just make sure you pick bedding with a high thread count . The higher the count, the softer it will feel against your skin. After you've picked the perfect bedding then adding throws and cushions is an absolute must. This is a great way of making a bedroom feel indulgent and opulent.

Glam Bedroom

Introduce Flowers Into The Bedroom

If you love flowers then you should absolutely introduce them into the bedroom. Most people don't think of putting flowers in the bedroom. However, having a beautiful bouquet on a chest drawers of window sill is a great way of adding some natural beauty into your bedroom. Indeed we appreciate that not everybody can afford to invest in fresh flowers every week. However, adding an artificial bunch of flowers is a cost effective way to get the same effect.

glam bedroom

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

A cost effective way to introduce instant glamour into your bedroom can be achieved with the use of mirrors. Indeed, mirrors have a magical way of instantly adding a feeling of luxury to a bedroom. What's more, mirrors help to bounce the light around helping to make a room feel more airy too.

Glam bedroom