February 10, 2021 2 min read

Kaydian Beds for unbeatable quality.

Kaydian Beds score top marks for quality, style and practicality. When selecting products for our website we place the highest value on quality . We believe that if it isn't good enough for our homes then it's not good enough for yours. We rigorously research all the beds we have on offer, so you that you won't be disappointed.

Kaydian Beds specialise in the manufacture of high end products. These beds are perfect for the most discerning of customers. All products, by Kaydian Beds, are made of the highest quality of materials. Bed frames are built from plantation timbers. The upholstery is constructed with high density foams and fibre.

When you purchase a bed manufactured by Kaydian Beds you are making a wise investment. These beds will stay looking pristine for years. With a wide range of styles and fabrics Kaydian has a bed that is suitable for all interior tastes. From traditional schemes to modern schemes there is a Kaydian bed that is right for you.

Kaydian Beds are always looking to bring out new beds to fulfill emerging trends. Recently we were pleased to welcome two new beds to our product line. The Kaydian Chilton bed and the Kaydian Cheviot Bed are the latest newcomers to the Kaydian family. We're very excited to have them on offer for you.

The Kaydian Chilton Ottoman Bed

The Chilton Ottoman bed is perfectly suited for a modern or minimalist interior. With a generous amount of storage on offer this bed also scores highly for practicality. The Chilton bed also has a few clever additions that will make all those who love the latest technology rather pleased. Firstly it features a double USB port on each side of the headboard Secondly you can find a LED strip light along the side rails. This gives an welcoming ambient glow in the bedroom.

Katdian Beds Kaydian Beds

To view the Kaydian Chilton Ottoman bed just click here

The Kaydian Cheviot Ottoman Bed

The Cheviot Ottoman bed is another wonderful addition to our website. With a stylish buttoned back headboard, this bed will look fabulous for years to come. Upholstered in a smoke grey fabric, this bed is perfect for creating a sophisticated sleeping space. Again with ample storage this bed ticks all the boxes. The added advantage of the Cheviot Ottoman bed is that it is operated automatically. All you need to do is press of a button situated on the side of the headboard.

Kaydian Beds Kaydian Beds

To view the Kaydian Cheviot Ottoman bed just click here