February 10, 2021 2 min read

Supporting British Manufacturing.

At Beds On Legs we champion British manufacturing. We believe it's important to support home grown talent. Enabling local economy is also important to us. We think British manufacturing is second to none. Furthermore, we think it's important to offer our customers a wide range British made products. In fact, the majority of our mattresses are made in Britain. A lot of our fabric beds are also made in Britain. Here is the low down on why buying British makes sense.

British Manufacturing

Thinking of the Environment

Times are changing. As a nation we are becoming more concerned about the impact we have on the environment. By supporting British manufacturing we can limit our impact on the environment. This is because the miles a product has to travel is vastly reduced . Therefore buying local reduces the carbon footprint of a product.

Boosting Local Economy

Backing British manufacturing helps support the local economy. British manufacturing provides jobs for local people. Wages spent within this country further boost the economy. Sounds like a win win to us! Not only does buying British provide jobs but it also helps to keeps generations of skills alive.

Sleep Easy

Buying British means you can sleep well at night. Indeed, that's because you're buying more than just unrivaled comfort. Supporting British manufacturing means you can be assured that employee working conditions are of exceptional standard. It also means people are receiving the wages they deserve. This means you can go to sleep with a clear conscience.

Exceptional Service

Beds and mattresses manufactured in the UK have to meet rigorous standards. British safety standards are extremely high. Therefore this means you are assured that you're buying a top notch product. Furthermore, if a problem occurs it can be resolved efficiently as the manufacturers are all on our doorstep.

So fly the flag for all things British and remember the benefits go way beyond the bedroom. For more information on British manufacturing click here