February 10, 2021 2 min read

The Beautiful and Practical Grey Velvet Ottoman Bed

The grey velvet Ottoman bed has to be the fashionista of the bed world. If you had to be a bed then this is the one you would want to be. Everyone admires and wants to be you. Not only are you a beautiful goddess with classic good looks but you're super practical too. Yep, if beds could speak then they would all want to be a grey velvet Ottoman bed. This bed really is the supermodel of the bed catwalk.


Why is the grey velvet Ottoman bed such a wannabe bed?

The magical thing about a grey velvet Ottoman bed is that it can look stunning in any setting. It blends in beautifully with traditional interiors and looks at one in a contemporary interior. A grey velvet Ottoman bed really is a serious investment piece. If you love to constantly update your colour scheme then this bed has got to be a must buy. Grey on grey looks muted and sophisticated. Grey with yellow smacks of a spring like enthusiasm and grey with mauve gives a feel of decadence and indulgence. The grey velvet Ottoman bed is like the Madonna of the bed world. Constantly adaptable and able to remain on trend.


Not a one trick pony

Let's be honest, looking good is great but in today's modern world we want more. We want beauty and functionality. Well, the grey velvet Ottoman bed delivers truck loads in the practical department too. As an Ottoman bed it can house up to four times the amount of storage as a traditional four drawer divan. Plus with gas lift pistons you don't need to be eating your spinach to lift it either. So move over Popeye, we've got this!


Which Grey velvet Ottoman bed is the one for you?

As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When it comes to selecting which bed you want to buy then we say go with your heart. Just like picking a puppy, you'll know the right one you see it. But here are some general things you might want to think about:-

  1. Will the bed go with existing furniture? If not, do you want to update your bedroom furniture?

  2. Will this bed fit in my bedroom? Make sure you check all external measurements. Overall dimensions can differ widely.

  3. What shade of fabric do I want? Shades of grey vary enormously. We are always happy to send out fabric samples so select away!

  4. Will I love this bed for a long time? Remember your bed is major investment piece and you shouldn't pick it on a whim. Try to think long term.

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